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"TrySome allowed me to do exactly that, try some new products that appealed to me, that interested me, and even something I might not otherwise try. A great way to try some new and different products. Go TrySome!"

Rody Biggert

I love TrySome's concept: Try new products for free and give your honest feedback in return. It's a fun platform that allows you to discover and try new products from brands that are committed to producing better products. I'm looking forward to the next delivery!

Cedric Penders

I was excited to ‘TrySome’ and discover new organic, healthy products for free. The company and products definitely delivered! I really enjoyed discovering a new vegan omega oil and have actually been using the product ever since.

Ruth Temianka

It is so easy to discover new, clean products on TrySome... I would never have tried dehydrated bananas if it hadn't been for TrySome. Now, I love those things... Barnana

Ziva Cooper

10,000+ Conscientious Customers, 250 Environmentally Friendly-Products, 50 Ethical Brands, 1 Happy Planet.

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We’re on a mission to bring together conscientious consumers and brands so that we can all feel better about the things we put in our bodies and out in the planet.